Products and Services:

IntelliPharmaCeutics is at the forefront of the design and the development of controlled release drugs. To continue to exceed the expectations of our clients, we employ an unrivalled team of world class scientists who have fashioned a dynamic product pipeline consisting of many various mid-to-late stage NDA and ANDA products. This dynamic combination of scientific excellence and business acumen has resulted in a synergy that is  the key to our partnerships with global pharmaceutical clients such as RatioPharm, Par Pharm and Elite Pharmaceuticals.


The core drug delivery technology employed by IntelliPharmaCeutics is the patented HYPERMATRIX technology which is a revolutionary drug delivery platform. This robust and highly intelligible technology has been the basis of our success. Utilizing this technology, our scientists are able to provide life cycle management or new chemical entity delivery system solutions for virtually any small molecule. This unique technology has been highly sought after allowing us to enter new markets with a variety of complex products in an exceptionally swift and aggressive timeframe.


The demand for our technological know how has led to the expansion of our facility twice over. The company now utilizes a 35,000 square foot premises with the most sophisticated pharmaceutical equipment employed in the industry. Our state of the art pharmaceutical facility allows us to conduct intensive R&D projects and create, test and manufacture products for the market. These extensive in-house resources allow IntelliPharmaCeutics to not only focus on a wide range of projects but also to maximize efficiency, ensuring rapid progress through the various stages of drug development, from formulation to regulatory.


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