Video conferencing, also known as tele-presence, is a two-way interactive communications that is similar to a telephone call but over video. It allows geographically dispersed participants to connect in a live meeting environment without the time and costs associated with travel. Participants can see facial expressions and other non-verbal cues as if they were in the same virtual room popularly referred to as Virtual Meeting Room (VMR). Video conferencing is changing the way leaders and government agencies including local, state or federal government communicate. It helps businesses and government agencies to reduce travel cost, enhance global collaboration, improve work-life balance and increase productivity and security. Presidents, Vice Presidents and Governors can communicate, share documents and give directives to their aides quickly and timely via video conference anytime and from anywhere over a secured network.



Our proposal, in line with current economic reality and security challenges is cost effective and affordable; and will enable us to customize a secured, reliable, dependable one-solution, unbelievable virtual meeting room (VMR) that is scalable in your office hereby referred to as: Life-size cloud, video conferencing solution (LCVCS).

Life-size is the solution that combines a radically simple cloud-based service with award-winning video conference call systems and mobile applications. The solution gives ultimate combination of ease of use and brilliant video, letting video call to anyone, anywhere, just like you are sitting in the same room over a secured network.

The Life-size Cloud product portfolio is powered by the Life-size Icon Series Router architecture, which leverages Adaptive Video Layering (AVL), the ability to dynamically optimize the video for each endpoint. During a video conference, Life-size Icon core technology continuously monitors the performance of the underlying network and the capabilities of each end-point device and adapts video streams in real-time to optimize video communication. Video compression is layered into multiple resolutions, frames rates and quality levels. The combination of the Life-size Icon Router delivering just what the endpoint needs combined with endpoints software using whatever it gets to create seamless video results in unprecedented error resiliency and natural HD-quality video communications. Life-size Cloud is also a multi-point video conferencing solution that delivers rate-matching and continuous-presence capabilities without additional video encoding and decoding. This unique capability allows an lOX reduction of the end-to-end latency of MCU-based solutions, which is crucial for a natural communication experience. Read more info and cost>>









NextGen Mobile

We are a global VoIP carrier with an international IP gateway. Nexgen purpose and plan was to build outstanding relationships from the bottom up, starting from the vendor to our clients. And also we provides a range of telecommunication solutions and services in the areas wholesale of International minutes. We partners with small and medium-sized businesses to satisfy their international voice communications needs, We study the problems of the clients and customers with utmost care and help them recover from the trouble by helping them with good troubleshoot remedies. Go>>


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