We install security systems for a wide variety of applications. Whether you need a home burglar alarm system, or a fully integrated access control and camera system for your business or public office, we've got you covered. See also our smart phone jammer-detectors. Other areas include surveillance platforms such as the Predator unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and; and naval surface systems: Spanish Navy F-100 class frigates






Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber security, and Cloud technologies, a new paradigm in information technology.

As technologies, governments and businesses shift, the impact of big data and the impact of cyber security and defence programs are often felt long after decisions are made, technology deployed and end users and clients have adopted the technology change. The combinations of big data, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) is a change agent that have altered the approach that cyber professionals evaluate, defend and manage in these integrated ecosystem. This complexity should not take you away from the big picture of truly advancing your business operations and the protection of your programs. Learn More>>


Mini UAV for Surveillance
ECA Group Mini UAV for Surveillance is a solution dedicated to surveillance missions. Based on IT180, it offers long endurance (120 min), long range (10 km) and a high data quality to correspond with industrial of civil protection needs. It is a proven solution currently used by French fire-fighters. Learn More>>


Home Security Systems

Owning to the rapid development of broadband and wireless connections, the potential demand for digital content has gotten stronger and home security issue even more important. Our gadgets allow clients to monitor their homes or offices 24 hours real-time and record.

Broadband Wireless

Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) system, requiring line-of-sight communication, provides services to carry voice and high-speed data efficiently and economically. The PMP system also provides support for commercial as well as residential broadband multimedia services. Each PMP Hub comprises multiple sector radios and multiplexing equipment to connect with the back-haul system. The hub radios communicate with the remote terminals within their sector. The interfaces include the (SONET) backbone and dedicated trunks to the voice switch, as well as IP routers and other data delivery systems.

Point to
Multi-point Offerings

By virtue of the nature and size of projects iNetworks Canada global partner has the expertise to offer comprehensive PMP Broadband System domain to its customers.The skill set available is diverse and iNetworks Canada offers its services for consulting, design and implementation of PMP Solutions. We combine software building blocks in PMP and core technology areas to reduce risk by meeting time-to-market and system requirements. Our solutions are scalable, dynamic, fully customized and totally dependable.



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