Integrated payroll and personnel information

system (IPPIS) - The incidence of ‘ghost workers’ and fraudulent public servants claiming and collecting salaries of non-existent workers have further dwindled government revenue. Other fraudulent activities included some public servants collecting salaries from multiple establishments, some officers conniving with others to get paid higher salaries than were due to them, and records of loans obtained from government routinely disappearing from files are further evidence of the need to address the issue head-on.



Personnel records contained in files, such as birth certificates, declarations of age and even certificates of indigene-ship, were often substituted to obtain undue advantage. The federal government and the World Bank estimated that the government was losing billions to ghost workers alone annually.


The goal of IPPIS

The goal of IPPIS is to carry-out audit and biometric data capture of all civil servants in the State and procure and implement an integrated network connectivity infrastructure that would improve effectiveness and efficiency in transactional service, enhance confidence in payroll costs and budgeting and greatly improve management reporting and information.


The Soultion

in line with current economic reality, our solution will enable State Government to urgently commence an immediate audit and biometric data capture of all civil servants in the State to stem the issue of ghost workers and over bloated personnel cost through the State HR/Payroll system hereby referred to as: State Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (SIPPIS).


Globally, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was identified as a viable mechanism through which financial loopholes can be blocked and where effective organisational management can be tailored towards achieving considerable efficiency gains that can be leveraged to other sectors of the economy for the improvement of public services.


SIPPIS implementation is self-financing, given that any financial costs expended on its procurement and implementation would automatically accrue back to the State through the efficiency gains that would be achieved, through the elimination of ghost workers, effective budgetary control, prudent financial management, biometric registration of all staff etc. Thus, in the long run, SIPPIS can serve as the catalyst for proper planning and the improvement of the government’s financial capacity thereby ensuring value for money.

Features of Human Soft Core HR/Payroll Application Suite

SECURITY:  It can run on various platforms like Windows, UNIX or any other OS platforms.  Linux is the default OS platform. It leverages on all security features of oracle application server (based on Apache HTTP Server) and OC4J (OracleAS Containers for Java EE) which makes Human Soft a 100% based web application.


ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS: The application comes with an excellent exception reporting and control mechanism that will help you monitor unusual or significant occurrences in the database and send reports/notifications to authorized personnel.



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