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Transform your security program with one of the largest enterprise security partner. Cyber-crime is big business. The number of players including nation states is increasing and the tools available to launch attacks are readily available. Small to mid-sized companies are prime targets as they often do not have the resources to allocate to cyber security, but, clearly, something has to be done. We can help...






Artificial intelligence (AI) for a smarter kind of cyber security
AI is changing the game for cyber security, analyzing massive quantities of risk data to speed response times and augment under-resourced security operations


The World Governments IT systems are moving toward cloud computing and mobile technologies, with large stores of government data as a major strategic asset in collaborative form among various government entities. The proposed Centralised Demographic Database represents opportunity to make sense of data available to government, and an opportunity for government agencies to seek to exploit it to enhance the business of government. Read More>>

The Telecommunications and Postal Sectors Reform Project will assist the government in developing a legal, regulatory, and institutional framework for delivering competitively-priced and high quality telecommunications and postal services.


Demographic shifts will fuel the growth of new sectors, markets, and service lines: The ability of our diversity to build strength and unity is the power that will propel the organization and consequently, the Nigerian industry, into new dimensions of performance. Read More>>




Digitalization is the connection between people, things, and business, and the creation of new opportunities from these relationships. We have experienced that organizations are moving from a traditional hierarchical structure to a responsive network organization in which information is very adaptive and travels fast. Everything - from mobility and Big Data to the Internet of Things and social networking - creates digitalization and  unleashing the power of your data. We can help you turn your data into actionable information by transforming your digital infrastructure. Read How we can help you>>



E-Government refers to the use of information technologies to transform relations with the citizens, businesses, and other arms of government. These technologies can serve a variety of different ends: better delivery of government services to citizens, improved interactions with business and industry, citizen empowerment through access to information, or more efficient government inclusive engagement and management. The resulting benefits can be less corruption, increased transparency, greater accountability, etc.: citizen engagement or "digital democracy"



What we can do for your Government or Institution

IT in education is not all about digitization, storage, and networks. It is about conveying knowledge. It is about connecting and fostering collaboration between teachers, students, parents, and school administrators any time. We build bridges to cross the digital divide, equalize educational opportunities, and help improve teaching quality.

We are not interested in simply re-selling technology. We sell innovative solutions that take full advantage of today's technologies, improving productivity in the most cost-effective ways, and ultimately improving people competitiveness in the marketplace.

We are uniquely qualified to provide large businesses and government agencies with the ability to conduct e-business transactions with the many unique segments of the small business community ? completely over the web and seamlessly leveraging existing technology investments. Learn More>>

Cyber security
Cyber security are measures or adopt of technologies, processes and practices aim to protect computers, networks and digital data from attack. Unmanned wireless systems are growing in terms of time/space autonomy: long range, long duration. Depending on use cases, operations may be done under a wide range of supervision levels: from tight monitoring (remotely operated drones) to extremely low information exchange (autonomous drones), thanks to confidence in embedded autonomous behaviours. Drones



One of the key challenges for security teams has been describing and managing security risks in the context of the business. Qualitative security assessments can indicate issues but don’t quantify either the probability of occurrence or the impact of the risk.

We can help you put security risk in financial terms to help executives make better decisions, connecting security risk management with overall business strategy. You need to act and implement security solutions to achieve the desired level of risk. We can help prioritize specific risks and corresponding controls. We can help you integrate security risk quantification approaches into the enterprise decision making process.


Cyber security assessment
It is usually considered that cyber threats include:

  • Availability: capability to provide the expected service;

  • Confidentiality: capability to protect data against access from unauthorized personnel;

  • Integrity: capability to guarantee IT materials (hardware, software, data) origin;

  • In unmanned systems, cyber threats mainly concerns the following segments or functions:

    • Mission execution;

    • Data storage;

    • Advanced algorithms Intellectual Property (IP)



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